Simple Puja and Abhishekam online courses

Jay Gurudev dear followers,

last weekend we conducted the second set of Puja courses online:
Simple Puja on Saturday and Abhishekam on Sunday. It was again very beautiful and everybody really enjoyed the course. Devotees from all over the world were able to join in; so did Kaushalya from South Africa:

“Last weekend, it was with great excitement that I had a chance to do the first online Abhishekam course with the charming Bhakti Marga pujari ChandrakāntaIt had been some time that I was wanting to do this course but never found the opportunity to get to the Ashram on the required dates. This turned out to be a perfect course to be executed online. Within 5 hours we meticulously learned step by step all the mantras and their deeper meaning and symbolism according to the action that we perform.

Conducting ritual and ceremonies through devotion is called Archana Bhakti, this is where we practice surrender of the mind and offer the love inside ourselves to the Divine form that we feel close to. Worshipping the Divine in an outside form leads us gradually to the same worship of the Divine inside of ourselves. Much gratitude to have been able to join this course.”

The next set of Puja courses is already scheduled for the weekend of first / second August. Spaces are limited, so make sure you book soon to secure your place!

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