Kumbh Mela Vrindavan 2021


Blessings were showered upon the residents and guests of Shree Giridhar Ashram when Saint Ananta Das Baba from Barsana visited the ashram on the first full day of the Kumbh Mela Vrindavan pilgrimage. We sang prayers, kirtan and had a wonderful satsang with Ananta Das Baba, during which he shared many pearls of wisdom. He invited the guests to ask him questions and engage with him personally. Very rare is the opportunity to meet a saint and even more rare is the opportunity to spend such an enchanting evening with them.

Being in the presence of saints is an extraordinary grace because our bhakti increases when we are around them. Ananta Das Baba said: just as a leech enters a farmer’s body when he steps into a field, bhakti enters a person’s body when they step foot in Vrindavan. Bhakti flows inevitably to everyone whenever we are around saints or in holy places. During the event, everyone could feel how the atmosphere was filled with more love than usual. Devotion was infused in every line of kirtan and love manifested in spontaneous dancing.

Spending an evening with Saint Ananta Das Baba was incredibly inspiring. He emphasized the importance of making the intention to sincerely long for Bhagavan and to fully utilize the grace that we have been given. There is no grace greater than finding one’s guru. We must not waste the opportunity to cherish our guru and apply the instructions and advice he gives. By the grace of our guru, we have received the holy name and japa practice, which according to the Vedas, is the prescribed method of attaining Bhagavan in this time of Kali Yuga. Just as the guru and saints come to remind us, let us set our aim on the Lord and chant His holy name.