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Darshan with

Surat - Gujarat
26 February 2023
10:30 AM onwards

Vrindavan - Uttar Pradesh
5th March 2023
04:00 PM onwards


Surat darshan

 Shanti Mangal Hall, Near I C Gandhi School, Sumul   Dairy Road, Surat, Gujarat, India

Vrindavan darshan

Shree Giridhar Dham,
383 Sheetal Chaya Raman Reti Rd, Vrindavan

What is Darshan?

Darshan means ‘divine sight’: the experience of seeing and being seen by the Divine. Paramahamsa Vishwananda’s eye-to-eye darshan is unique. 

Paramahamsa Vishwananda looks directly at your soul and gives you a glimpse of the Divine; each darshan helps clear the path for you to move closer to experiencing Divine Love.

Each person’s experience will be unique to them. Whether you feel something profound or nothing at all, something deep inside of you is being touched, whether you realise it or not.

How to Participate

When should I come?

  • Darshan is given on a first come first serve basis. Please come on time to ensure your opportunity to receive darshan.

Should I bring anything?

  • You are not required to bring anything, however, some people choose to bring items to be blessed, such as holy scriptures, deities, or pictures of their loved ones.

Does it cost anything?

  • This Darshan is free
  • Dakshina (donation) is welcome as an expression of gratitude

For questions please call,

Devkaran: +91 95377 57688

Where can i stay ?

Hotels for Surat Darshan:

1) Hotel Bellevue Budget Inn 
0261-2532020 / +91 9375538001

2) Best Western Yuvraj hotel 
0261-2413001 / +91 9909993161

3) Hotel Orange International
0261-2412001 / +91 9512132001

4) Hotel Vetro Inn 
0261-2531919 / +91 7820071919

5) Hotel Hospice
0261- 2542424 / +91 9824161616

6) Hotel Sifat International
0261-2431001 / +91 9227631001

All the hotels are within 1 kilometer of darshan venue. Rate of double bed double occupency 3000 to 4000 rupees per day. All these hotels are very neat and clean.

Rooms for Vrindavan Darshan:

Shree Giridhar Dham
383 Sheetal Chaya Raman Reti Rd ,

Meet Paramahamsa Vishwananda for the 
Holi weekend Fest and Darshan