Kumbh Mela Vrindavan 2021


Bhakti Marga India held our own bandara for saints and sadhus during the Vrindavan Kumbh Mela. As our Gurudev is a Mahamandeleshwar of the Nirmohi Akhara, the feast was held at the Nirmohi Akhara tent. Devotees and followers contributed seva in various forms. Some served the food, some sang kirtan, and some, who couldn’t attend in person, offered financial contributions. Each person’s role was essential in composing this successful bandara.

Bandaras are an important tradition present at all Kumbh Mela festivals. Many participants of Kumbh Mela are monks, sadhus and saints who travel far distances with little resources. Their spiritual pilgrimages and practices not only transform themselves, but also raise the consciousness of their communities and those who come into contact with them. Supporting their journeys is an important seva because it shows that we value their contribution and wish to give back. By serving the sadhus, we have the opportunity to receive their blessings as well as the Divine Grace that helps us advance on the spiritual path.

Our Gurudev says that serving the saints is the same as serving God and that when we meet saints, we are meeting Krishna Himself. The bandara was a beautiful opportunity to serve God through His saints by practicing selflessness. Serving others develops our humility, which is a key factor in coming closer to God. The devotees and followers of Bhakti Marga India were very happy for the chance to support Guruji’s mission in this way.