Kumbh Mela Vrindavan 2021


Guruji said that He would experience the Kumbh through all the devotees and followers who attend the Vrindavan Kumbh Mela. Those who attended could feel His presence throughout the event. We represented Guruji by decorating and riding a rickshaw with His and Mahavatar Babaji’s photos. Guruji’s smile in the photo came alive and was mirrored by the participants.

We started the procession from the Nirmohi Akhara tent through Vrindavan and back to the Yamuna River for the final Shahi Snan. The journey was 11 kilometers long and lasted over 5 hours, however our spirit never tired. The kirtan got stronger as the journey progressed. As representatives of Guruji, we sang not only out of guru-bhakti, but also to be instruments in spreading His love. Many bystanders were happy to join in the kirtan and share in our love.

Finally, the time came to dip in the Yamuna. Each person met the opportunity with deep reverence and gratitude. Together we reflected on the amazing grace that allowed us to receive this blessed purification from the Yamuna. Bathing together with many saints and distinguished spiritual leaders multiplied the blessings we were receiving. Being in their presence reminds us of where we want to be and the relationship with God that we are yearning for.