Kartik purnima

08nov4:32 pm12:00 pmKartik purnima

Event Details

Kartik purnima 2022

8 November 2022
4:32 PM – 0:00 AM

Shree Giridhar Dham, Vrindavan 

Event Description:

Kartik purnima celebrates the Rasa-lila that Krishna enacted with His beloved gopis. The Rasa-lilais symbolic of the supreme Love relationship between a bhakta and the Lord. On Kartik Night, we celebrate Krishna as the centre point of our lives and express our love and devotion to Him in the form of a kambam lamp: a large oil lamp made up of smaller individual lamps representing the bhaktas.

‘During Kartik month, many devotees light a lamp for the Lord. All these lights symbolise your dedication to the Lord, your surrender to Him, and asking Him to always bestow His blessing and Grace upon you.’ – Paramahamsa Vishwananda


Did you know?

Kartik month is a time when Lord Krishna makes Himself more available to His devotees than at any other time of the year. During this time, whatever you do in remembrance of Krishna will bear merits a hundred times more than usual, even for the smallest of offerings.
As He blesses all immensely during Kartik, it is considered most auspicious to stay awake all night to praising Him and dancing the Raas with Him. Many devotees also undertake special austerities such as fasting during the month-long event.



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